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A platform to connect Steam users. Authenticates legitimate users via OpenID protocol. User data is fetched from SteamAPI and saved as documents on a MongoDB collection. NodeJS webserver handles RESTful interactions like serving up JSON data and communication with third party APIs. Client side data validation, routing, templating, DOM rendering, and other front-end technicalities are handled by AngularJS. Material Design enhances the aesthetics.

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Data aggregation

Extracts data from a dedicated API and a data aggregation website then displays the discrepancies on a Google Spreadsheet. Cron jobs are run periodically to keep the tabulation display refreshed every 1-2mins. To account for differences in organization names used by the data sources, a combination of string match score (fuzzy matching) and date/time is used.

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Data notification app

Various data types are gathered from major sources. A tabulated comparison report is sent to an email address via Google’s SMTP server.

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Data extraction script

Given a list of urls input, navigates to a grocery website and extracts nutritional information of food products. Data is written to a CSV spreadsheet.

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